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Consider this, no payroll taxes, no workers comp insurance, no employee benefits or retirement, no business equipment, software upgrades or purchases. No additional space required and you still get complete access to a creative and marketing services, promoting your business branding.

I will provide the workhorse, the creativity and the solutions through our exclusive agreement as your personal contractor representing your business. A custom business agreement will spell out all the fine details of how I will function and integrate with your company. I will act as a contractor per IRS mandate and work behind the scenes offering you creative services depending on your choice of package(s). (choices located at bottom of page)

Imagine the benefits of having award-winning design source for one flat rate per month vs. thousands of dollars more in taxes, health insurance, employee benefits and other costs associated with hired personnel...At Websites3Sixty it's a win-win for all!

Services Overview

Creative Services

Includes all graphic design related development in print, video and other multimedia. These include but not limited to; branding, logo and product design, business forms, stationery, brochures, catalogs, signage, newsletters, postcards, exhibits, tradeshow, menus, folders, sales and marketing kits.

Social Media

Create, update and promote of all your social media content. I will daily keep content fresh, promote services and products out towards your clients and new customers. I can also start promotions and events through social media.

Events & Promotions

This is a budget based service in which I can put together special events and carry out promotions and campaigns for your business to help highlight your service(s) or product(s) to the general public or private individuals. Websites3Sixty will plan, develop and execute with your staff to carry out these services.

Website Services

This includes updating, maintaining and providing secure website services and email accounts. We will update images, develop new graphics, reskin your site (if necessary) and provide regular content. If necessary, we can also provide a host server, ecommerce and additional apps towards your websites promotion and branding.

Print/Digital Marketing

I have seen increased responses and positive sales in our creative marketing approach using both video and print to promote your products or services. There are several resources only available through an agency to develop, plan and execute towards campaigning your business.

Misc Services

I also provided additional services to support your staff such as Art Direction, Account Management, Creative Consults and Public Relations. With over 25 years in the business of Design and Marketing we have the skills and experience to bring you professional results.

Check out our flat rates!

Package One - Full Creative

This suite provides your business the full creative suite of our agency. I can integrate with your company as a in-house design and marketing department.

Package Two - Limited Creative

This suite provides your business limited creative services. Services under this package will be negotiated on what services best fits the needs of your company.

Package Three - Web/Social

This suite provides your business with website and social media services. Terms under this package includes full website services and maintaining your social media accounts.